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Our download centre provides information about the programmes, application forms and additional application forms. The documents are organised according to funding areas and funding programmes to make it more manageable for you. Please ask our start-up helpers in advance about which documents you need.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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Titel Förderprogramm Programmbereich Art
Business Model Canvas: Diagram (English) Business Model Canvas Vorlagen
Business Model Canvas: Erläuterung Business Model Canvas Produktinformation
Business Model Canvas: Schaubild Business Model Canvas Vorlagen
Businessplan Calculations EN (Excel table) Businessplan Vorlagen
Businessplan Finanzplanung (Excel-Tabelle) Businessplan Vorlagen
Businessplan Template EN Businessplan Vorlagen
Businessplanvorlage Businessplan Vorlagen
Data Protection Information Datenschutz Antragszusatzformular
Datenschutzinformation Datenschutz Antragszusatzformular
Datenschutzinformation BAB Mikrocrowd Bremen, Starthaus Coachingprogramm Antragszusatzformular
De-minimis-Erklärung Mikrocrowd Bremen Antragszusatzformular
Flyer Open Innovation Cycle Open Innovation Cycle Flyer
Förderkriterien Mikrokredit Mikrocrowd Bremen, Mikrokredit Produktinformation
Förderrichtlinie zur Gewährung von Zuwendungen Starthaus Coachingprogramm Richtlinien
Founding guide Bremen (Arabic) Sonstiges Vorlagen
Founding guide Bremen (Bulgarian) Sonstiges Vorlagen
Founding guide Bremen (English) Sonstiges Vorlagen
Founding guide Bremen (French) Sonstiges Vorlagen
Founding guide Bremen (Polish) Sonstiges Vorlagen
Founding guide Bremen (Turkish) Sonstiges Vorlagen

Erfolgsgeschichten aus Bremen und Bremerhaven

25 September 2023
How start-ups set themselves up for financial security

Financial problems have brought some start-ups to an early end. No wonder, given the abundance of issues that start-up founders have to deal with. After all, a good idea is not enough for success. The topic of finances is a constant companion along the way and can pose major challenges. We have summarised some information and tips for you.

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3 August 2023
Focus on your product development

Even the best product is no use: If customers don't understand it, find it appealing or can't use it, your start-up is doomed to failure. Good news: You can work on your product strategy and development. We'll show you how it works.

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21 July 2023
Meet outside the box

From the conference table to the kitchen table – beyond the ordinary: 'Meet outside the box' is the slogan of the Bremen-based start-up meetreet. The up-and-coming platform brings companies together in extraordinary locations. Here, special seminar houses, co-living concepts and unique hotels find a sustainable place. The start-up already counts more than 300 creative accommodations on the platform, worldwide.

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