Mentoring by Starthaus

As a young entrepreneur, you face many challenges, big and small, on the road to success. We know how overwhelming this journey can be at times.

That's why we provide you with experienced mentors through our "Mentoring by Starthaus" programme. With their valuable experience as entrepreneurs, they will address your individual challenges and guide you through the process of building your business, developing it and more.

By working with experienced mentors, you also benefit from valuable contacts and can expand your network.

Would you like to be matched with suitable mentors from your industry?

A mentor is sitting with a mentee at a table at a café

This is how it works:

The mentoring process as a graphic
  1. Write us a short email and tell us what you need.
  2. We get to know each other in a meeting, talk about your challenges and plan your mentoring.
  3. We check who is suitable for you (or your team).
  4. We do the onboarding, connect you with suitable mentors and take care of the initiation.
  5. Even during the mentoring process, we are always available as your contact person.
  6. With the offboarding, we end your mentoring together and jointly document the learnings.

Are you interested? Contact us!

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