Starthaus Coaching Programme

The Starthaus coaching programme encourages and supports founders with an existing, clear start-up idea when it comes to professional start-up preparation. The programme is aimed at both traditional start-ups and prospective founders with a socially or ecologically sustainable project.

Have you been thinking for some time now whether you should dare to go self-employed and found your own company? You can’t get your idea out of your head but you don’t really know where to start and how many steps will be necessary to found your business and get it going? Then the Starthaus coaching programme is just the right thing for you!

The application deadline for the next coaching programme expires on 31 January 2024.

There is a detailed information event on 10 January 2024 for anyone who is interested.

Who can receive funding?

The coaching programme addresses people with ideas and founders who have completed vocational training or graduated from university and a firm start-up intention who want to prepare their start-up properly. This means that your company does not have to be established yet, but is still in the start-up preparation phase. Again, we are talking about a whole year of coaching - you should therefore plan an appropriate lead time before starting up and intend to start up full-time.

What are the programme’s aims?

The 12-month programme aims to help the participants with the following:

  • to recognise and reflect on the personal prerequisites for becoming self-employed,
  • to acquire and develop the necessary entrepreneurial skills on a professional level,
  • to assimilate important business-related and legal start-up know-how,
  • to align their existing innovative business idea to the requirements and needs of potential customers,
  • to make the business idea ready for inception by taking responsibility for developing a viable business concept/business plan
  • and to move forward to the operative stage of setting up the business with first sales/revenues.

What can be funded?

The support consists of several funding components that in essence are aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills among the participants.

The components consist of:

  • business development and planning,
  • obtaining business administration qualifications,
  • providing training for marketing, acquisition, market launch and sales,
  • communication training and team coaching,
  • intensive start-up support through regular feedback meetings for developing the business concept and looking at all the participants’ questions and problems,
  • peer group approach and networking activities,
  • financial support as a contribution towards their livelihood (project-related 8,500 Euro).

In addition, we offer the following modules for founders who want to achieve a social, societal or ecological impact with their project:

  • Planning and business modelling for founding
  • Impact analysis, impact quantification and impact controlling for prospective social entrepreneurs
  • Legal and tax knowledge for social entrepreneurs
  • Financial planning and options for social entrepreneurs

How can funding be provided?

The Starthaus Coaching Programme encourages and supports professional start-up preparation over a period of 12 months: altogether approx. 25 half-day or short events (duration about 100 hours), 8-10 individual support meetings (about 15 hours) and individual support for dealing with four milestone tasks (about 200 hours).

Potential attendees are selected for participation in the programme by means of a three-stage application process (brief written application, presentation, full application).

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