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Getting qualified together and then growing

Reaching your goal with the right programme

Attention all founders and entrepreneurs: when you found or run a company, you never stop learning! Do you want to pursue your own development and/or continue developing your idea? As you go self-employed, are you looking for a partner who can help you out with what you really need to know about business administration? You’ve got an idea but it needs to mature so that you can get started with a digital, scalable and innovative business model? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Starthaus Coaching Programme

You’ve completed vocational training or graduated from university, you have a clear idea for a start-up project and are determined to become self-employed? Then the 12-month Starthaus coaching programme is just the right start-up preparation for you. You are given corresponding assistance in regular monthly seminars, coaching and training sessions, and receive financial support for your work as a contribution towards your livelihood at various milestones in your business plan. This gives you the best possible preparation for your start-up.

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ESA BIC Northern Germany

Is your start-up in the aerospace industry? Then take a look at the aerospace business incubator ESA BIC Northern Germany. It provides at least twelve months of support to help start-ups in getting their business established. There are three starting dates each year in Bremen and North Germany. So if you just happen to be developing a business model related to the aerospace sector, you can apply to the ESA BIC.

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Starting a business from unemployment

The orientation seminar “Starting a business from unemployment” is intended especially for those interested in setting up a business from unemployment benefit I from the Employment Agency and unemployment benefit II from the Job Centre for start-ups in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

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Female founders’ coaching

We provide support for your qualified, marketable business start-up with the coaching sessions for female founders by our co-operation partner belladonna.

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Investor Readiness Programme

The search for investors is usually time-consuming and difficult. On the one hand, the necessary contacts are lacking, on the other hand, knowledge and necessary documents are often missing. Our programme supports you, as a start-up, in preparing yourselves in a more targeted way.

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Open Innovation Cycle by Starthaus

Is your idea innovative and scalable? Then, as a future start-up, you should attend our 12-week Open Innovation Cycle by Starthaus. It gives you an opportunity for sharing with experts, other start-ups and the right network partners to validate and develop your business model as quickly as possible. We provide you with agile methods and prepare you for discussions with investors.

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Product Strategy Programme

In the product strategy programme, product experts will guide you through five workshop sessions, creating your own product strategy and anchoring it within your business. In that context we also discuss which processes are needed for a sustainable implementation of your product strategy and how to build a product team.

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Social Entrepreneur by Starthaus

Do you want to found a company that offers sustainable solutions to social problems? Are you lacking know-how about approaches to social entrepreneurship and corresponding legal structures or strategies? Do you want your business model to be socially and ecologically compatible and do good in the world? Then Social Entrepreneur by Starthaus offers you all the answers.

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Starthaus Crowdfunding

Are you convinced by your idea but don’t have the seed capital? Then convince others of your idea as well and ensure they invest in your venture. Starthaus Crowdfunding accompanies you from the idea phase through to your crowd funding campaign on our Startnext partner platform.

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Starthaus Women - she starts

Are you looking for independence and the greatest possible flexibility? Have you got a good idea and specific start-up intentions? Do you need a good network on your journey, together with a dose of courage and the right tools? Then look here!

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