Female founders’ coaching

We provide support for your qualified, marketable business start-up with the coaching sessions for female founders by our co-operation partner belladonna.

Who can be supported?

Female entrepreneurs in the pre-start-up phase who want to prepare themselves in a structured way for the necessary steps to start a business in the state of Bremen with the help of the seminars offered.

What can be supported?

The coaching series takes the form of group coaching with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 participants. Eight different modules are offered in which the participants receive intensive training. The goal of the coaching series is the creation of an individual, complete business plan.

How can funding be provided?

Participation in the coaching series costs 1,000 euros and is funded at 80 per cent by the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe. A prerequisite for funding is mandatory participation in all seminar days. Participants must pay their own contribution of 200 euros before the coaching begins. This is one of the formal requirements for a binding registration.

How can you participate?

Please contact Imke Lorenzen at Starthaus Bremen & Bremerhaven for a selection interview.

The next coaching series runs from 25 June to 19 November. The registration deadline is 15 June. You can find all the information here (in German).