Social Entrepreneur by Starthaus

Starting a business effectively

Do you want to found a company that offers sustainable solutions to social problems? Are you lacking know-how about approaches to social entrepreneurship and corresponding legal structures or strategies? Do you want your business model to be socially and ecologically compatible and do good in the world?

Social Entrepreneur by Starthaus answers all your questions. Together with the Social Impact Lab Bremen, we use various formats to impart knowledge and work with you on sustainable business models. This programme puts great emphasis on networking: learning from what others have experienced and sharing with those on the same journey.

Who can receive funding?

Social Entrepreneur by Starthaus addresses potential start-ups and young companies who want to establish their start-up idea or business model on social-innovative or ecological lines. It addresses all those seeking to set a social anchor with their idea, addressing social challenges such as climate change, issues of migration and integration, poverty or similar.

Social Entrepreneurship by Starthaus

Which components are available with Social Entrepreneur by Starthaus?

What are the goals of the Social Entrepreneur by Starthaus?

Young companies and potential start-ups attending the Social Entrepreneur by Starthaus will gradually develop and expand their know-how. They become familiar with various social-innovative and ecological methods, together with social-entrepreneurial approaches. Your idea is confronted with the social challenges and developed into a socially compatible, ecological and viable business model.

Our partners

The Social Impact Lab Bremen sees itself as a platform for events, sharing and networking covering all aspects of equal opportunities and social entrepreneurship in Bremen. It helps social companies and social initiatives to consolidate their idea for solving social challenges and make it scalable.

Social Mission Possible

Do you want to change something? Do you want your project to have a sustainable impact? Then use Starthaus Crowdfunding to start your mission for a social, sustainable future.

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