Die Aufschrift Team auf unserer Tür - Quelle: Starthaus / Jens Lehmkühler

Our Team

Who is actually behind the Starthaus team? Who is the right person to contact for what? Here you can find an overview of everyone in the team and their particular focus in everyday business.

We have also asked all colleagues a few questions, some of which are rather unusual. For example, which catchy tune do they hum all the time and drive everyone mad, which tips do they have for things to do in Bremen, which superpowers would they like to have or what is their favourite gadget? Here are their answers

Erfolgsgeschichten aus Bremen und Bremerhaven

ESA BIC Northern Germany
18 October 2023
Smart-Satellite Design for New Space Economy made in Bremen

For many years, space missions were reserved of states. Recently, billionaires like Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have caused a stir with their private ventures into space. Now the Bremen-based start-up Astrait wants to make the obstacles for missions into space so low that they can even be realised by medium-sized companies.

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25 September 2023
How start-ups set themselves up for financial security

Financial problems have brought some start-ups to an early end. No wonder, given the abundance of issues that start-up founders have to deal with. After all, a good idea is not enough for success. The topic of finances is a constant companion along the way and can pose major challenges. We have summarised some information and tips for you.

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3 August 2023
Focus on your product development

Even the best product is no use: If customers don't understand it, find it appealing or can't use it, your start-up is doomed to failure. Good news: You can work on your product strategy and development. We'll show you how it works.

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