BAB LAB Entrance - Quelle: Starthaus


The event location in Bremen's city centre

A venue for events, workshops and seminars in the heart of Bremen that is easily accessible, adaptable to different needs and equipped with modern facilities: This is exactly what BAB - the funding bank for Bremen and Bremerhaven has been offering with its segment Starthaus Bremen & Bremerhaven since the end of 2022.

The BAB LAB at Bischofsnadel 6 is centrally located less than 100 metres from the main BAB building and the Starthaus at Domshof 14/15.

On two floors, interested persons will find three modernly equipped workshop rooms, which can be adapted to different purposes through flexible seating.

Address: Bischofsnadel 6, 28195 Bremen
Possibilities: Seminars, meetings, events, etc.
Equipment: Full technical equipment (beamer, laptop with speakers and Bluetooth function, digital flipcharts), drinks (cold drinks, coffee, tea)

BAB LAB aus der Ostertorswallstraße
© Starthaus/von der Fecht

The rooms at a glance

Room Willehad (Bremen first bishop, 787-789):

  • 25 people seated in rows / 50 people standing throughout the ground floor
  • flexible room design
  • modular stools to roll or chairs
  • screen area and short-distance beamer with loudspeaker and Bluetooth function
  • pantry with coffee machine, kettle and refrigerator
  • seating area with comfortable fatboys
  • storage room with dishwasher
Raum Willehad im BAB LAB
© Starthaus

Room Hoger (Archbishop from 909-915):

  • 12 persons seated at table
  • 15 persons seated in a row
  • up to 30 people standing
  • equipped with a digital whiteboard for flexible work
  • power available at each seat

Raum Hoger im BAB LAB
© Starthaus

Room Liemar (Archbishop from 1072-1101):

  • 6 persons seated at table
  • 10 people seated in a row
  • up to 20 people standing
  • equipped with a digital whiteboard for flexible work
  • power available at each seat
Raum Liemar im BAB LAB
© Starthaus

With the BAB LAB we have the chance to offer various players from both the Bremen start-up scene and SMEs a centrally located venue for training, workshops, events. We also welcome stakeholders from the housing sector.

Ralf Stapp, Chairman of the Management Board of BAB - the funding bank for Bremen and Bremerhaven

Interested in making a reservation?

Please provide us with the following information upon request:

  • Occasion
  • Contact person with contact details (E-mail address and telephone number)
  • Date
  • Time including admission time
  • Number of participants
  • Room request
  • Requirements
    • of the room
    • Technical requirements
  • Accessibility requirements (Yes/No)
  • Other wishes

Do you have any questions about the BAB LAB or would you like to make a booking directly?
Then contact the BAB team VUMS (Events, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Social Media):
Tel: +49 (0) 421 9600 382

Data protection information:
For the purpose of booking and planning room availability, we process your personal data. The legal basis for this is Art. 6 para. I lit. f) DSGVO. This allows us to enable you to use the premises. You can find more information on data processing here.