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Product Strategy Programme

How can you decide the order in which your products or features should be built? What makes a good product strategy and how do you create one? And how do product responsibilities change in a growing startup?

In the product strategy programme, product experts will guide you through a one day workshop, creating your own product strategy and anchoring it within your business. In that context we also discuss which processes are needed for a sustainable implementation of your product strategy and how to build a product team.

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Success Stories

25 September 2023
How start-ups set themselves up for financial security

Financial problems have brought some start-ups to an early end. No wonder, given the abundance of issues that start-up founders have to deal with. After all, a good idea is not enough for success. The topic of finances is a constant companion along the way and can pose major challenges. We have summarised some information and tips for you.

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1 September 2023
How start-ups achieve product market fit

Great business idea, investment secured, great team and still failed? Several factors are important for the success of a start-up. In this article, we look at the product market fit of your business idea and give tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes in your start-up.

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3 August 2023
Focus on your product development

Even the best product is no use: If customers don't understand it, find it appealing or can't use it, your start-up is doomed to failure. Good news: You can work on your product strategy and development. We'll show you how it works.

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