Founder2Founder Academy: Organization structure and company culture


Montag, 15. November 2021, 16:00 Uhr bis 20:00 Uhr


Standort der Veranstaltung:

Rebekka Tegtmeier, equihub

The Founder2Founder Academy:
Founder2Founder Academy is a series of workshops conducted by founders only, who set up their company no longer than two years ago. The workshops are designed to help you to develop an individual approach for your venture – so you will not just listen, you will rather be encouraged to *do* something. In a small group of other fresh or soon-to-be founders, you will be coached by experts on a specific topic to finally leave the workshops with a tangible output for your (future) company. You will be taught relevant founder skills to boost your founder career. Every workshop will be conducted online.
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Content of this workshop:
You should deal with your organizational structure at the latest when you are about to grow. The structure of your company is part of your DNA and brand experience and can be important to drive sales and find employees. To communicate this clearly to the outside, it is important to know which culture you want to create and how the structure of your organization can support you to do that.

In the workshop we determine the key components, have a close look at different models and discuss the pros and contras of them and work on the baseline to create a company structure that fits well to your company.