MikroCrowd Bremen

The best of both worlds: MikroCrowd Bremen. Convince us and the crowd of your idea and obtain the seed capital for your start-up from a combination of crowd funding and micro credit.

MikroCrowd Bremen is a funding programme for start-up projects and young companies in the state of Bremen and offers the right seed capital for your journey into self-employment. MikroCrowd Bremen combines the Starthaus Mikrokredit – classic funding with a low-interest loan – with funding through Starthaus Crowdfunding. Founders submit their application to Starthaus Bremen before the corresponding project begins. The start-up helpers at Starthaus Bremen and Bremerhaven check the business plan in terms of potential success and provide advice about the crowd funding campaign. The founders work together with the experienced advisers to stipulate the funding objective and the credit amount. The micro credit is linked to achieving the defined funding objective. If your crowd funding campaign is successful, you’ll receive a micro credit of max. 10,000 Euro for your start-up.

Who can receive funding?

Private individuals, freelancers, small businesses.

What can be funded?

Funds can be provided for

  • investment and project-related equipment in the context of starting a business or taking over a small business/freelance existence,
  • investment and project-related equipment for the further development, expansion or stabilisation of an existing small business/freelance existence,
  • projecs with total capital requirement of up to 20,000 Euro.

As a rule, the funds are provided for a lack of capital when the main bank is not going along with the financial arrangements.

How can funding be provided?

With loans from funds of the BAB – the funding bank for Bremen and Bremerhaven. The term of the loan is up to 8 years with a grace period of up to 2 years.

Principles of granting credit:

  • The headquarters of the company and the project being funded are in the state of Bremen.
  • Priority should be given to other funding options.
  • The funding application must be submitted before the start of the project.
  • Attendance at a Starthaus Schotterweg Crowdfunding workshop.
  • Successful crowd funding campaign, achieving the defined funding objective from the Starthaus Schotterweg with at least 25 supporters.
  • There is no legal right to funding.