The BAFA consultation funding makes it possible to subsidise consultation services by management consultants for companies.

Who can be funded?

  • Tradespeople and freelancers who are legally independent, are counted as SMEs and have their company headquarters and business operations in Germany.

What can be funded?

Support is provided for conceptually and individually conducted consultations on all economic, financial, personnel and organisational issues of business management.

In order to prepare entrepreneurial decisions, consultations must be carried out conceptually and documented. Conceptual includes

  • an analysis of the company's situation oriented to the consultancy assignment,
  • the naming of the weak points identified and
  • based on this, concrete company-specific recommendations for action with detailed instructions for implementation in company practice with reference to the gender equality perspective, aspects of equal opportunities and non-discrimination as well as ecological sustainability.

The measure is to be carried out as individual counselling. Seminars, workshops or group events are not funded.

How can funding be provided?

Principally the following applies:

  • Assessment basis: 3,500 Euro consultancy fee (net)
  • Subsidy rate: 50
  • Grant: 1,750 Euro
  • Maximum of two consultations per year, but no more than five within the guideline period.

For companies in their first year of operation, a free information session must be held with a regional contact person. Proof of this must be submitted with the proof of use.


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