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About us

The central point of contact for start-ups and young companies

Have you got questions about starting a business? We’re the people you need! We are the central point of contact for all potential start-ups and young companies in Bremen and Bremerhaven. We support you from finding your initial idea through to the first growth phase, all from a single source. We provide free advice about all start-up relevant topics covering aspects such as coaching, qualification and funding, and give qualified feedback on your start-up idea. We have also integrated Bremen’s start-up ecosystem to offer you the best possible service.

The Starthaus is part of the BAB – funding bank for Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Our Team

Nothing beats a personal conversation. We will gladly take the time to answer your questions and provide you with comprehensive advice. Simply make an appointment via our contact by phone, email or the contact form.

You want to get to know us virtually?
Starthaus initiative

In the Starthaus Initiative, the start-up scene in the state of Bremen works closely together to accompany you on your way to successful self-employment.

You can find the Who's Who here.

Starthaus Bremen und Bremerhaven

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