Initial fund

Silent and open participations for innovative founders with company headquarters and workplaces in the state of Bremen are awarded with the help of the Initial Fund.

Who can be funded?

  • Innovative founders with a company headquarters and jobs in the state of Bremen (SME status as defined by the EU Commission) with a future-proof and sustainable concept and closed overall financing.
  • Companies must not be older than three years.

According to KfW, micro businesses are companies with

  • fewer than 10 employees and
  • annual turnover or an annual balance sheet total of maximum 2 million Euro.

Small businesses are companies with

  • fewer than 50 employees and
  • annual turnover or an annual balance sheet total of maximum 10 million Euro.

Medium-sized businesses are companies with

  • fewer than 250 employees and
  • annual turnover of maximum 50 million Euro or an annual balance sheet total of maximum 43 million Euro.

What can be funded?

  • Technology-oriented and/or innovative start-ups

How can funding be provided?

The equity capital is made available through BAB's subsidiary, BAB Beteiligungs- und Managementgesellschaft Bremen mbH (BBM), in the form of silent and open participations:

Participation as a typical silent partnership contribution

  • Maximum participation amount of 750,000 Euro per twelve-month period and company. The total financing volume per company is a maximum of 1.2 million Euro.
  • Term usually up to eight years with a three-year repayment phase at the end of the term.

Participation as an open contribution

  • Exclusively as a minority shareholder
  • Also together with a private co-investor under the same conditions
  • Investment volume as sole investor up to 200,000 Euro, in co-investment up to 750,000.00 Euro
  • Participation in profits and increases in value, no annual remuneration

A combination of silent and open investments is possible.

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