ERDF investment fund

The ERDF Investment Fund offers open investments and supplementary subordinated loans to finance young, innovative companies.

Together with BAB - the development bank for Bremen and Bremerhaven, we offer you open participations as well as supplementary subordinated loans to finance young, innovative companies via its 100% subsidiary BAB Beteiligungs- und Managementgesellschaft Bremen mbH.

This programme is co-financed by the EU. The funds come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The open participations and the supplementary subordinated loans are granted on the basis of the current "Guideline for an ERDF Participation Fund to Promote Young, Innovative Companies in the State of Bremen (ERDF Participation Fund Bremen)".

Who can receive funding?

Small and young enterprises up to the 5th year after foundation.

What can be funded?

Investments and operating resources in connection with product development, market launch or an expansion of business operations necessary for the realisation of a next development step.

Where do I apply for the funds?

At the

BAB Beteiligungs– und Managementgesellschaft Bremen mbH
Domshof 14/15
28195 Bremen
+49 (0) 421 9600-40

How can funding be provided?

  • The investment amount is up to 400,000 Euro per company. A maximum amount of 600,000 Euro applies to companies in the C-assisted area.
  • For innovative enterprises as defined in Article 22 of the GBER, doubled maximum amounts of 800,000 Euro or 1.2 million Euro apply.
  • In the case of open participations, the aim is an exit within 7 years according to commercial considerations.
  • The term of subordinated loans should not exceed 10 years. They are to be repaid in one sum at the end of the term. The conditions of the subordinated loan take into account the individual risk of the project to be financed. They are agreed on a fixed basis for the entire term.
  • The financing is generally provided in tranches.
  • There are no application fees.
  • The taking of collateral is not envisaged as a matter of principle.

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