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Fraunhofer Space Community Workshop 2023

Monday, 13. November 2023, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location of event:
Digital Hub Industry, Konrad-Zuse-Straße 6 A, 28359 Bremen

We are pleased to announce the Fraunhofer Space Community Workshop 2023. As in the previous year, the international technology workshop in the context of Space Tech Expo 2023 is aimed at start-ups and SMEs related to space and interested in collaborations in the field of applied research and development.

The workshop will take place one day before the opening of Space Tech Expo. Organisers are the Enterprise Europe Network and Fraunhofer AVIATION & SPACE. Language of the international workshop is English. Participation is free of charge.

The workshop will consist of both general sessions, and parallel sessions covering several key topics. The topics will be based on the needs of the participating start-ups. The following selection represents some of the possible topics:

• AI for Space Applications
• Micro Launcher (component level)
• Space Robotics (esp. On Orbit Servicing)
• Downstream
• Space Debris
• Phased Array Antenna for Space Applications
• Satellite Communications
• 3D Printing in Space/on the moon
• Small Scale Satellites (pre-defined weight range, constellations)

These merely represent possible topics and have not yet been determined. Rather, start-ups should be given the freedom to contribute their own ideas, suggestions, and needs. During the workshop, we offer each start-up the opportunity to briefly present their technological challenges in the context of an elevator pitch. Also, if possible, each start-up should identify suitable funding programs.

Target group: Participation is possible not just for Space start-ups, but also start-ups from other industries who consider their products or services applicable in the space sector, and who would like to present their technical challenges.

The involvement of different Fraunhofer institutes will be arranged according to the expressed thematic interests.

It is important that interested start-ups contact the event organizers as early as possible, so that desired topics for the workshop can be identified in good time, and suitable Fraunhofer institute staff can be included for the breakout sessions.

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