Dark Sides of the Startup Nation: Winners and Losers of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Israel


Thursday, 08. June 2023, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Free of charge

Location of event:
Universität Bremen, WiWi 1, room A 1220

• Prof. Dr. Sibylle Heilbrunn Heilbrunn is full professor of organizational sociology and dean of the faculty for social sciences and humanities at Kinneret Academic College on the Sea of Galilee. 


The Israeli startup nation exemplifies the existence of parallel entrepreneurial societal spaces. The lecture will analyze the positionality of entrepreneurs belonging to a variety of groups that characterize Israeli society, and uncover structural disadvantages and related levels of precarity as well as existing links between entrepreneurial advantages and disadvantages, mobility and varying degrees of social marginality.

The lecture will shed light onto the problematic and sometimes contradictory myth that entrepreneurship is meritocratic and that neoliberal capitalism provides everyone with equal opportunities to succeed. In this sense, some myths are questioned and the future of the startup nation is critically but carefully discussed. 

Hosted by:

Universität Bremen, Chair in Small Business & Entrepreneurship (LEMEX) 

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